IIoT System Analytics Enables Stable, Predictable Power Distribution

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As transformers age and the budgets to maintain them continue to be stretched thin, MOXI, our proven IIoT System Analytics technology suite, enables engineers and maintenance professionals to remotely monitor, proactively maintain and manage electrical transformers.

MOXI embedded fiber optic (FO) sensors and analytics can help with:

  • Remote, low-cost, high-accuracy sensing
  • Accurate modeling based on the age of your equipment
  • Reduced downtime
  • Proactive scheduling for predictive maintenance
  • Prevention of false alarms
  • Elimination of unnecessary maintenance & repair
  • Prevention of early decommissioning due to enhanced insights for repair & replacement planning
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Enhanced customer service

By working with our experienced team to integrate the MOXI IIoT System Analytics technology suite with your operations, you’ll position your company to take advantage of best practices related to predictive maintenance.

Transformative Information

Learn more about the science behind the MOXI IIoT System Analytics technology suite by downloading our info sheet.