IIoT System Analytics Transforms Complex Infrastructure Asset Management

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As infrastructure ages and budgets to maintain it continue to be stretched thin, MOXI, PARC’s proven IIoT System Analytics technology suite, enables engineers, contractors and consultants working for departments of transportation or private organizations to remotely monitor, proactively maintain and manage infrastructure.

MOXI IIoT System Analytics offers these benefits:

  • Remote, low-cost, accurate sensing capabilities
  • A system model-based approach that accounts for environmental conditions, load & traffic patterns, type of construction and other variables for reliable inferences
  • Eliminates unnecessary maintenance & repair and reduces system downtime
  • Prevents early decommissioning with enhanced insights for repair & replacement planning
  • Improved accident prevention

By working with our experienced team to integrate the MOXI IIoT System Analytics technology suite with your operations, you’ll position your organization to take advantage of best practices related to predictive maintenance, AI maintenance & repair and reliability-centered infrastructure management.

Solid Information

Learn more about the science behind the MOXI IIoT System Analytics technology suite by downloading our info sheet.